July 12, 2011
The new comments seems to be working. What do you think?
Someone: This is a comment. It's great!
The comments are supposed to be linked to pieces of text and not entries.
Anonymous1: Makes sense.
Anonymous2: I agree.
This allows users to specifically comment a small part of a huge entry.
Of course, there will be need for a way to hide comments or group them when there are tons of comments.
Or the entry will end up as forum thread, instead of a design log entry.
Inline Comments: added inline comments.
Removed comments from the right side.
July 08, 2011
Images will be able to be zoomed in as necessary and also commented on.
Images implemented.
These are the same mockup:
A mockup of a rts game. A mockup of a rts game. A mockup of a rts game.
June 28, 2011
Design Log:
Seems to be implemented but must be cleaned a little.
↓ Old Entries ↓
March 4, 2011
Play Notes
March 2, 2011
Images should be able to go in here.
Bug Found in Pathfinding.
Important Information:
The older is the entry, the most invisible it should be, so after around 5 days "minimize" entries (the user can still see the whole entry my hovering/clicking on it.
Something was implemented sucessfully.
The Problem
The concept of this project is this, this and this, and that. Or something like that.
Should have some images in here too.
The Solution
It could be solved like this or that.
Project Title